impressions of an early autumn re.connect time-out in the swiss prealps

We started out on a ridge in brilliant sunshine. As we warmed up in the sun, sitting on a bench just above the thick blanket of clouds, we warmed up the conversation and clarified intentions for these two days timing out in nature.

reconnect timeout, Swiss alps, above the clouds

The day developed around us and the clouds rose. And we began to dive deep and deeper into the mist, our next step just barely visible ahead of us. The landscape dimmed in surreal contours, hiding its larger picture from our view. The otherwise busy mountain turned quiet, so that any other human being who might be out there with us, would be hidden in white invisibility. A calm sense of inner peace took over.

reconnect timeout, Swiss alps, clouds rising

While the larger perspective of landscape dimmed, the mist softened all outside sound and a deep silence wrapped around us. An invitation to turn inward, reflect, introspect, become quiet. Focus on the present moment. Open up to your inner world of sensing, feeling, understanding…and eventually knowing – from a very deep place within.

reconnect timeout, Swiss alps, landscape in the mist

The mist densified, and late afternoon brought us to a perfect place to set up camp for the night: A grove of fir trees giving shelter from the wind, the sounds of a mountain stream with fresh water a few steps away, a pile of dry wood – as if prepared for us by invisible hosts – and enough flat space to lay out our tent and bivouac.

We lit a fire, welcoming its warmth, its light, and its timeless energy of transformation…and later its glowing embers to prepare a warming dinner. Conversation deepened into a timeless space and insights took over. Late in the night – I was already snuggled in my warm sleeping bag inside a sheltering small tent – I heard that the mist had cleared and a brilliant night-sky of glittering stars had come out.

La Gomera, Panoramasicht auf Meereshorizont
reconnect timeout, Swiss alps, warming at the fire

Sleep is a powerful catalyst for digestion – not only food, but also thoughts, experiences, realisations – and thereby supports integration. So the next morning – still enveloped in deep mist – and again with a warming fire – we focused on remaining gaps, questions, some more bits and pieces of the puzzle. Eventually bringing clarity. Trust. Confidence. And well-nourrished motivation for your next step.

reconnect timeout, Swiss alps, sunset

On our way to our homes again in the evening, the clouds lifted and a glowing sunset bade us goodbye. Closing the circle of this extraordinary experience of wandering 36 hours in timeless, spaceless dimension.