presenting our new project – in chitwan district | nepal

we aim at creating a role model of tourism in an area ready to flourish as a preferred destination for pristine nature and wildlife lovers, and culturally conscious, environmentally sensitive visitors – domestic and international.

we are excited and ready to start: funding has been approved and we look forward to 2+ years‘ creative work on a new model of sustainable rural eco-tourism, together with our engaged local partners.

madi eco-village will be a best-example tourist destination, where all relevant aspects which arise when guests come to visit an area alive with nature and culture, are taken care of from a holistic, circular perspective. by bringing in valuable revenue, and presenting a workable concept of how housing and living can go in harmony with nature, tourism can serve as a catalyst of positive change – rather than an agent of eroding degration.

I look forward to this multicultural collaboration in the bufferzone of world heritage site chitwan national park. together with like-minded people sharing the intention to safeguard and valuate this unique environmental & cultural space.

and I look forward to welcoming you as our guests when we open our doors for first test-visitors a year from now.

we will keep you updated.


project co-funding by REPIC, a swiss interdepartmental platform of the federal offices SECO, SDC, FOEN and SFOE, to promote renewable energy, energy and resource efficiency in developing and transition countries.

project team: elite enterprises nepal, sustainable mountain architecture, myclimate

local project partners: madi municipality, madi tourism development committee, bufferzone users‘ committees, womens‘ groups of bankatta, baghauda, dobaha & raigaon villages