@restaurant schloss oberhofen on the shores of lake thun

a perfect start onto a new professional path – in an elegant space connecting people, water, mountains & cultural heritage. on the scenic shores of lake thun, enjoying delicious fresh creative food.

in the end, I could not tell whether it was a celebration in personal or professional sense. in fact it was both: because the guests who had come connected many spaces of my life. so, with my personal friends I am connected by professional interests, and with my professional connections I share personal interests.

my aspiration is to experience joy in what I do and how I do it. to do what I enjoy doing and because I feel I do it well. to live and work in an interconnected flow – merging my life with my work. for my work is part of my life, an expression of the reason I have come here. and my profession is the means to fulfill my purpose.

I look forward to many more opportunities to connect with you, in smaller and larger dimensions. to share, understand and look deeply into the spaces of our life and our purpose here on earth.