so much kindness smiling out at you

Have you ever stopped to take a moment and fully take in the energy of a flower in the field next to your path?

Flowers smiling out at you

If you let this sink in to your heart. If you REALLY let the full sensation of that flower energy coming towards you touch you. Wow.

Then an evening walk carries so much more regenerative quality – than if you simply rush through at a quick pace, your mind turning and revolving on the day’s past and possible challenges awaiting ahead, while your eyes – all your senses – register your surroundings only on the surface.

auszeit schweiz, vielfalt an bergblumen an felsen
Gasterntal, frei fliessender Bergbach

If you let that „flower energy“ really sink in, taking on an attitude of wonder. Trying to make yourself available to what might come towards you from nature’s side. Allowing your heart to feel wonder and awe.

And opening up your awareness to the possibilty that these plants may actually be ALIVE. Carrying something like a soul.

Margeritli Blüten

That they may actually smile at you intentionally in their kindness.

lomi lomi massage energiearbeit vertiefung
Bergmargertitli in Felsenlandschaft

Try this out, its an experiment very worthwhile. I can tell you from own experience🌼

auszeit schweiz im spiegel des wassers, finde dein inneres gleichgewicht