How much wilderness do we human beings need?

Do wilderness experiences perceived with all senses hold the key to the much-needed societal transformation towards a sustainable future of our planet?

Auszeit Schweiz, Tessin, Mysterium Bergwelt

It is my pleasure to share an article I wrote for décodage, a BLOG hosted by the Swiss Academy for Humanities and Social Science on the question of “How much wilderness do human beings need?

I felt the urge to share my own nature experiences with a broader audience, by building a bridge from experiential, spiritually oriented approaches to the more science-based arguments on why we should protect wild spaces. Thereby connecting my work as an integrative geographer and the mountain nature retreats I offer.

inspirierter Arbeitsplatz in der wilden Natur
inspirierter Arbeitsplatz in der wilden Natur
I drafted this article mostly outside in wild mountain spaces, inspired and informed by the harmony, beauty and perfection of wild, untouched landscapes of the Swiss Alps.
Flowers smiling out at you

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