nature quests for a meaningful life

for many years, I have enjoyed solo mountain retreats in the alps and the himalayas – drawing peace, strength, clarity – and the courage to take the most relevant decisions in my life.

today, I wish to share these experiences, to encourage & inspire individuals in shaping their very own path towards a meaningful, self-determined life – holistically, sustainably and in harmony with nature. the focus of my work lies in mindfully perceiving and appreciating nature – as inspiration, mirror and nourishment for our personal development as human beings.

Porträt Monika Schaffner
photo credit: claus visby |

in the mountains I find inspiration & insight

in connecting with nature, I refuel, regenerate and empower my potential

it is about coming most fundamentally home as an innate part of this great divine universe. I create and tend to powerful spaces of insight and transformation – so you can fully let go. into the simplicity of life, the abundance of the elements, the beauty of nature, and the depth of what you experience on your way.

Porträt Monika Schaffner mit Everest und Gokyo im Hintergrund

I have been trekking in the himalayas since my early childhood, on remote treks with my parents & siblings, later with friends, and on many solo-tours.

  • born and raised in nepal, this is where I connect to my roots. I build bridges between cultures, speak fluent nepali and move in a rich network of personal connections.
  • on the basis of my training in energy work & holistic life coaching, I continuously develop my senses and sensitivity, to deepen my understanding of the forces of energy that flow through all of nature, and mould and connect us human beings.
  • as a geographer I enjoy the birds’ eye view, from which I look out onto the world, to understand its interdepencencies – between the underlying geology, the vegetation that grows, the culture and economy that develops on its ground, and the ecological context that connects it all.
  • as firewoman I have experienced the significance of holding ritual spaces as a means to support transformative processes in individuals and groups.
  • intuition is my core strength based on which I navigate individual guidance.
  • as a member of the national athletes team in orienteering I spent many happy hours navigating europe’s forests and mountains with map and compass.
  • as a runner of alpine marathons I followed my urge to reach great heights – exploring my physical boundaries – by which I gradually came to understand the value of slowing down and being still.
  • as a traveler of mountain spaces I enjoy the simplicity. the experience of carrying all I truly need within my 40 l backpack. everything else falls away and I become the equal part of nature I originally was born to be.
Monika Schaffner outdoor
Monika Schaffner in einem Hochtal im Everest Gebiet

for many years I have travelled the himalayas on my personal path

today, I guide you to those natural mountain spaces of power

you, as a conscious, global-minded individual who seeks to experience and benefit from a time out of your daily life. to reflect and find answers to your relevant life questions. to heighten your awareness on your own inner spaces as well as the outside spaces you travel, and to bring this awareness out into the world.

  • through spaces I know well (sometimes jointly with local guides).
  • I take care of organisation & logistics, before and throughout your journey.
  • I create a clear & conscious space in which you may immerse deeply into your experience, focused on the moment.
  • in my own connection to nature and myself, I encourage you to discover and develop into your own connection to nature and yourself.
  • I listen to you, truly present, taking part in and mirroring your reflection, which gains in depth and understanding, as you travel step by step, day by day, through pristine and powerful mountain spaces.
Porträt Monika Schaffner in the Himalaya

arcticles & reflections: a selection

portrait monika schaffner, witnessing the sunrise on pikey peak
photo credit: daniel pittet