an artistic window into my life, my values and my work

two years ago, a team of danish shoe brand ECCO came to interview me at my home on the lake thun. the result of this encounter landed as cover story in ECCO’s life style journal (autumn 2020).

Monika Schaffner auf Naturspaziergang
Natur Porträt Monika Schaffner

now ECCO has published the video of the interview.

I am delighted to share this artistic “window into my life”! produced with sincere care for quality, the 5 min. video gives profound insight into my biography, my values and the background of my work.

read and watch the interview and find out why the creative marketing team of a sustainably oriented shoe brand came to interview me about my life and work.

Porträt Monika Schaffner
credit for all photos on this blog: claus visby