mindwalk march 5 – 25, 2018

walking our minds, we returned well – enriched, transformed, deeply fulfilled



arriving, individually and together as a group, in the colorful life of kathmandu valley, with its sacred buddhist and hindu heritage



ascending to the sacred peak of kalinchowk, to pay respect to goddess kali, fierce mother goddess who kills demons, removing the illusion of ego, liberating the soul to its true nature



experiencing the power of pristine nature, as we move up through virgin jungle forest of rolwaling valley. below us, glacial waters thunder down in turquoise beauty, giving us a sense of the greatness of landscapes they are born in, which await us higher up the valley



majestic himalayas. the sacred twin-peaks of gauri shankar guard the entrance to the valley, further up, the giant mountain tsobje looks down upon our every step



silent soothing snowfall on restful afternoons – awaiting us with glittering sunshine-blessed mornings, touching our souls with deep bliss



clarity in the transparent blue air of high altitudes, where our minds clarify and our spirits take off to meet the infinite space…..a space where the boundary between earth and sky dissolves, to transport us into a mystical state of dimensionless connection with all that was, is, and will be



vast untouched mountain landscapes awakening in us humility, awe, and a deep and divine sense of truly being



ageless power of sacred sites, touched by winds silently rustling through prayerflags



valuing simplicity. experiencing the comfort of most simple accomodation, providing nothing more – but also nothing less – than our bodies and souls truly need: a warm welcome of our hosts who generously nourish us with delicious yet simple food, and provide us with a clean & dry place to rest



the outer journey to the high valley of na became an inner journey to the depths of who we are



the experience of what it means to transcend our inner boundaries. to move beyond our comfort zones, reaching spaces of great clarity, insight, personal transformation – und ultimately, inner peace.


we will continue to walk…


closing the circle…we head back down to kathmandu. where we relish the aliveness and abundance of the valley, and connect with like-minded people at the himalayan consensus summit 2018.



…preparations for our next mindwalk are under way


details coming soon


photo collection by: thanh d. dang, monika schaffner, urban schnetzer and samuel zahner