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Abendsonne am Iffigensee

consultancy for holistic sustainable development

we understand eco-tourism as a catalyst for value-conscious – sustainable – rural development. based on carefully taylored, holistic model approaches, we upscale workable pilot projects, merging existing but sometimes scattered knowledge and experience, looking to benefit from what has already been successfully done. from there we evolve, valuate, innovate, and connect with relevant partners in respective fields of expertise.

as a consultancy for positive change, we offer services in:

  • planning & design
  • connecting relevant partners
  • coordination & management
  • assessment & evaluation
Gasterntal, Blick talaufwärts
Oberhornsee, Jungfrau
Pikey Peak Trek, Mindwalk, best trekking nepal, experience, Himalayas, Everest View

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