safeguarding the world’s cultural and natural heritage.

target 11.4 of the UN sustainable development goals aims to “strengthen efforts to protect and safeguard the world’s cultural and natural heritage”. among all the goals, this is the one closest to my heart. with what I do, I strive to work towards achieving this goal in a positive and holistic way. e.g. on mindwalks, or by local projects.


on mindwalks

there are limitless options and possibilities

consciously meeting with spaces and their people

  • valuing culture, environment and space
  • moving with aware and awake states of mind
  • meeting from human begin to human being – with curiosity, authenticity and respect
  • being present – within yourself and in the spaces you travel. 

leaving no trace

we avoid waste where possible, consuming local goods which do not need packaging. we take all non-organic waste back with us to where it came from. organic waste is burnt or buried (incl. toilet paper which takes ages to decompose in high altitudes). visiting in a non-intrusive, observing, interested way. leaving – as best we can – only positive impressions.

becoming part – an integral part – of nature – of which we are an equal part – not more, not less.

flights, as an inevitable part of travelling to follow your inner call

flights bring the world together, connect people and cultures – as an irrevocable aspect of a globalising world. in my understanding, flying is legitimate, if it serves the overarching cause of moving towards a connected future on our planet. I recommend to compensate your CO2 emissions, e.g. through myclimate: your money will flow on to support meaningful efforts, such as our project in madi (southern nepal).

inland transportation

again, this is a trade-off between your available time and the distance we cover in order to reach the space of our destination. where possible, we travel on road. …and then we move on foot.

accomodations are chosen with care

our focus lies on initiatives which respect the natural and cultural heritage of their surroundings. my favorite accomodations are those which re-value, re-instate traditional architecture, art and culture, so that these can be experienced, appreciated and enjoyed by visitors. bringing economic value and localized income – and bringing attention to this heritage, thus enabling the neighbors to realize the value of heritage they themselves are living their daily lives in.

food – a wonderful scope of direct influence

one of the most integral traces you will leave: we prefer – and support innovative, creative initiatives – local cuisine, prepared with local, sustainably produced food. thus again, supporting a localized and healthy value generation, while valuating diversity and traditional-modern fusions over the standard globalised cuisine.

local projects – designed & implemented with innovative partners

madi eco-village

for self-sustainable, clean, community-based eco-tourism development in chitwan district. start is envisaged for oct 2018. a pilot project to promote a holistic approach to tourism in the (southern) terai region of nepal. and once successfully established – to be replicated and multiplied in other touristic regions (particularly trekking routes) in nepal.