mindwalk to the universal source  |  safeguarding sacred spaces of natural & cultural heritage

the year 2019 has taken off with creative, positive energy. I am moving over to nepal again now, to continue working with my local partners, on our projects towards safeguarding sacred spaces of natural & cultural heritage.

  • in our ecotourism model-project in chitwan we are developing meaningful solutions to managing and reusing organic and non-organic waste; while connecting and building synergies with an ongoing organic agriculture project in the area.
  • in nauche, the foothills of chomolungma (everest), together with a group of young and innovative sherpas, we are establishing a cultural center with the aim to document, perform and revive the sherpa culture, which is at the risk of being lost to the dynamics of globalisation and commercial trekking and expedition tourism.
  • in upper mustang we are working on harvesting the abundant local energy source of wind and sun, as a source of empowerment for the local communities, whose home space previously protected by its remoteness, will open to the world when the border to china (tibet) will open in a few year’s time.

I particularly look forward to the upcoming mindwalk tours in this year. looking forward to heightening awareness on the global sacred value of the himalayan spaces, both on the side of us visitors, who will carry our insights and inspirations back out into world, as well as on the side of the local people living in these spaces – if they have not already emigrated to places like kathmandu, new york, london or sydney.

Monika Schaffner, Pikey Peak Trek 2019, spiritual journey, timeout in nature, himalayan retreat
pikey peak meditation, spiritual journey, heightening consciousness

in march we will trek up rolwaling valley (10-27 march 2019)

in this remote high valley to the west of chomolungma (everest), a powerful energy channel opens up towards the sky, inviting us to draw from this particularly intense source of inspiration and clarity. we will be experiencing the spring fullmoon high up on 5000 m asl., enjoying the magic and power of the fullmoon light illuminating the high snow- and ice peaks. there is still some open space for this tour, registration is also possible on short notice.

in september, we will undertake a pilgrimage to sacred mount kailash in tibet (4-30 september 2019)

mount kailash ist the source of four of asia’s major rivers, and is worshipped as the cosmic center and most sacred mountain of the himalayas. this mindwalk will be a spiritual journey to the universal source, and mark the starting point for a larger mindwalk project, the himalayan mandala (more info coming soon). we will be guided on this tour by bikesh rana (highlandecotrek) an enthusiastic and passionate trekking guide and good friend, who has been travelling the himalayan spaces since very young age.


in october we will go on a wonderful, slightly shorter mindwalk trek to pikey peak (3 – 18 october 2019)

here we will move in the footlands of the great eightthousand-meter peaks, with extraordinary views on the whole himalayan range. we will visit buddhist monasteries and meditate with the nuns and monks, enjoy the beauty of nepal’s rural hills, the simplicity of local hospitality and finally, the magic of the sunrise on the 4000 m pikey peak, surrounded by the great himalayan range.

from this year onwards, I will also offer alpine retreats in switzerland

from 29 aug – 1 sept (new date!) I invite you to experience the mountain summer light and clear starlit newmoon nights in the swiss alps. it will be a re-remembering of the value of simplicity of BEING in the pure nature of the mountains. dipping in and refuelling on the beauty and power of these spaces, reconnecting with the essence of life and the reasons we are here.

if you feel the himalayan or alpine spaces calling, but your available time windows are at other times, please let me know. I am happy to consider your request for our future plans.

looking very much forward to this year and the experiences it will bring us.