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consultancy for a holistic sustainable development

we understand eco-tourism as a catalyst for value-conscious – sustainable – rural development. based on carefully taylored, holistic model approaches, we upscale workable pilot projects, merging existing but sometimes scattered knowledge and experience, looking to benefit from what has already been successfully done. from there we evolve, valuate, innovate, and connect with relevant partners in respective fields of expertise.

as a consultancy for positive change, we offer services in:

  • planning & design
  • connecting relevant partners
  • coordination & management
  • assessment & evaluation
upper mustang village
madi village womens groups
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pilot projects in nepal

  • terai/flat lands: madi eco-village | self-sustainable, community-based eco-tourism development in chitwan district
  • midhills of nepal: sailung eco-resort  |  piloting innovative, eco-conscious, economically enriched development in dolakha district
  • himalayan belt: khumbu arts & culture center KACC  |  a community plattform for preserving, promoting & evolving sherpa culture
  • arid northern region: wind power in upper mustang | a pilot project for decentralised renewable energy supply
morning hours in Madi

we are proud to be an affiliate member of the long run community, a collection of the world’s most sustainable, nature-based travel destinations. as an affiliate member, we share the long run’s drive to support the highest standards in sustainable tourism via the 4Cs – conservation, community, culture and commerce. we have demonstrated this commitment by signing the long run charter.