integrative geography

holistic sustainable development in switzerland & nepal


integrative geography

investigates into the interrelationship between human individuals or societies and the natural environment. as an integrative geographer, I focus on how human beings affect the environment and our planet, striving to find sustainable ways to a more holistic, healthy co-existence of the human species with the natural, more-than-human world.

swiss by nationality and born in the himalayas, I am home in both worlds

my call is to work towards safeguarding their precious mountain spaces. to safeguard is to be aware of, to value and care for and to develop these spaces in a holistic and truly sustainable way.

Panoramasicht vom Hohgant, Berner Oberland

switzerland | alps

in switzerland | the alps, I support and lead projects dedicated to appreciation, understanding and protection of our natural assets. in particular, I support initiatives towards enhancing respect and developing balanced approaches to safeguarding wild alpine spaces and the waters that flow through them.

Gletschersee mit Spiegelung
Blick auf Triftsee und das Einzugsgebiet des geplanten Staudammes
Gasterntal, frei fliessender Bergbach

engaged for wild, untouched alpine (water-)landscapes

Bergsee Spiegelbild

nepal | himalaya

in nepal | the himalayas, we have been focusing on regenerative, value-conscious tourism models as catalysts for sustainable rural development. the intention is to safeguard and valuate the environmental and cultural heritage we live in as hosts, in the same way we come to appreciate this as guests.

madi eco-village, rural landscape in morning light
Madi Eco-Village Community Hall
madi eco-village, homestay cottage

consultancy for a holistic sustainable development

we understand eco-tourism as a catalyst for value-conscious – sustainable – rural development. based on carefully taylored, holistic model approaches, we upscale workable pilot projects, merging existing but sometimes scattered knowledge and experience, looking to benefit from what has already been successfully done.

our flagship project is madi eco-village: a pilot project with the aim to develop and promote a holistic approach to tourism – self-sustainable, clean and community-based – in the terai region of nepal.


Monika Schaffner at Patan Durbar Square
photo credit: mohit maharjan 

in it for the long run

we are proud to be an affiliate member of the long run community, a collection of the world’s most sustainable, nature-based travel destinations. as an affiliate member, we share the long run’s drive to support the highest standards in sustainable tourism via the 4Cs – conservation, community, culture and commerce. we have demonstrated this commitment by signing the long run charter.