making a difference to bring about a progressive change in the society

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it is a great pleasure and privilege to be featured this week in the ‘founders with purpose’ series of social friendly. 

portrait photo: remo eisner fotografie
photo: daniel pittet

“I see how many people in the highly developed west have lost this connection over the course of modernization; how the urbanized, “developed” lifestyle has led to loss of orientation and meaning, loss of the deep sense of knowing where we belong and why we are here. we modernized people are now gradually realizing this lack and how important it is to regain, re-access and recapture this inner home. so we are coming back to spaces like the himalayas, in search for pristine places of nature; wishing to experience the original sense of living in connection, in contact, in close relationship with nature.”
monika schaffner​, founder, connecting spaces & mindwalk

in their series of “founders with purpose”, digital media catalysts and creative consultants social friendly feature founders who are making a difference and doing their bit to bring about a progressive change in the society.

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