experience authentic nepal off the beaten track

There are no coincidences on this journey. The authentic experiences, the glimpses on the road, the timing it takes to enable a completely unexpected encounter in the midst of the chaos of this vibrant city. These are all individual sparks of a greater synchronicity, the perfect flow that we experienced on this journey.

nepal, large temple bell, changu narayan

For three weeks I accompanied my guests through the various cultural regions and altitudes of Nepal. We visited spiritual places of power – there are countless such sites – the temples and shrines, the ceremonies and rituals, the courtyards and alleys of the ancient royal cities of Kathmandu Valley. We drove through the vibrant colorful middle hills to see the Himalayan range up-close, and down again to the lush jungle of the lowlands and closed the circle back in Lalitpur, one of the ancient cities of Kathmandu Valley.

mountain view onto langtang, early morning in lalitpur city, nepal
nepal, himalaya view with flowers in the foreground

In a wonderous flow of “coincidences” and synchronicities, my guests experienced with all their senses the unique magic of nepal with its culturally and environmentally extraordinarily diverse aspects and qualities.

ancient natural temple site, chitwan jungle, madi valley, bankatta
baikunta tal waterfall in madi valley, chitwan, nepal

If all participants are open and willing to trust this flow, to go along with it without clinging to a certain framework or schedule that we had originally set out for ourselves, then authentic, genuine and indescribably rich experiences become possible:

The real Nepal far off the beaten track, far away from the tourist mass flows and popular tourist attractions. Nepal in all its cultural and natural diversity, from the directly tangible (the Himalayan range at sunrise, the temples and rituals of all religious tendencies, the Buddhist stupas, the friendly people), to the subtly perceptible, the soft sounds, the kaleidoscope of colors, forms, scents and sounds of an early morning hour.

shiva lingam line, pashupatinath temple
middle-hill forest path in dense monsoon mist, namo buddha, nepal

If you trust completely in this flow, your viewpoint will slowly diverge, revealing to you the extraordinarily precious atmosphere of this one moment. And you will take back home a 1 degree shift in perspective that will change your world.

the rich colors of ancient sacred shrines, pashupatinath temple, kathmandu
an image of vishnu, colorful offerings, changu narayan temple, kathmandu valley
sacred temple in the evening light, patan durbar square, kathmandu valley

My role was that of a facilitator, bridging cultures, connecting spaces and enabling connections – in an authentic, real, down-to-earth way. Through my personal soul connection to this country – as the country of my birth, it is my first and most original home – it is possible for me to facilitate a connection that goes far beyond bare translation.

clear morning view on the everest range, pikey peak, seen from pattale, solu, nepal
nepal, prayer flags in the wind

The fact that I speak fluent Nepali opens doors and hearts: An immediate familiarity arises in conversations with people. It is a felt-sensed knowing that I am more deeply involved here than the average guest, that I feel like a local and take part in this country’s path.

This linguistic mediation creates a connection between my guests and the people here, and allows my guests to experience more authentically: Not from the outside, with the distance of a tourist, but to find themselves in the midst of a first-hand experience. Whether this is a private cooking class at the home of my host family or a conversation with an acquaintance we just ran into, be it at dinner at the teahouse or at a chance encounter with a group of local village girls on a hillside path.

marigold flowers and candles in large water jar
delicious dal bhat, traditional nepali dish

This trip has also been a precious experience for myself: to accompany such conscious, appreciative, wonderful guests who are completely willing and open to experience Nepal in all its beauty and on all levels of experience; to perceive the aesthetics, the energy kaleidoscope in all its aspects, the breathtaking landscapes from the heights to the lowlands, the kind people of all the various ethnic cultures. Not only the obvious tourist hotspots, but most importantly: the beauty ever present in the tiny details along the way.

close-up of nandi, sacred bull, vehicle of shiva, pashupatinath temple, kathmandu
cat resting on the steps of a sacred shrine, pashupatinath temple, kathmandu
butter lamps for prayer and blessing

Thank you for your appreciation of this country with its manifold aspects and qualities🙏🏻shining light onto the beauty and value of Nepal’s heritage, through your conscious, caring, appreciative attention. It is as if you were cherishing the beauty of a single flower with your caring hand – thus inviting her to open up and shine even more in all her extraordinary beauty.

This is the deeper intention of my work and my reason for doing what I do.

nepal, view of everest range