inspire, motivate, educate

The intention of my work is to sensitise us human beings for the essential value of pristine Nature, in particular wild and untouched mountain spaces: As valuable space for individual retreat & regeneration, as origin of rich biodiversity, and ultimately as source of all life on this planet.

The piercing moment of Sunrise on Makalu, Everest Region
Badge of Executive Contributor to Brainz Magazine

This is why, I am excited and proud to announce that I have been accepted as an Executive Contributor for Brainz Magazine, an influential global digital publication covering Business, Lifestyle, Mindset, Sustainability, and Leadership topics. The magazine reaches over 300,000 people every week, spanning over 65 countries.

solitary prayer flag at sacred rock in khumbu region, nepal
ancient stone plate in everest region, connecting spaces

Brainz Magazine publishes articles that inspire, educate, or motivate its readers – an intention which is very much in line with my own. So, over the coming months, I will be be writing regular articles about sustainability, re.connective nature experiences, and our need as a human species to develop our life- & workstyles towards more holistic co-existence in balance with Nature.

This will also bring more writing to my english-speaking readers! I will share these articles on my linked-in profile and on my website here, so watch these spaces!

ausblick zu sonnenaufgang vom gokyo ri auf das everest panorama

Read my first contribution here: An interview on my life, and the events that have led me to found connecting spaces and do the work I do today:




Porträt Monika Schaffner