nepal, prayer flags in the wind

my story

the intention of my work is to sensitise us human beings for the value of pristine wild mountain spaces – as valuable space for individual retreat & regeneration, as origin of rich biodiversity, and ultimately as source of all life on this planet. 

that is why I invest my work into the protection of yet untouched alpine wilderness. and I guide individuals on retreats to silence of mountain spaces – thus creating opportunities to consciously experience the value of mountain nature while gaining insight, inspiration and regeneration.

current offers

untouched mountain nature

re.connect | nature retreats

experience being in balance with nature

I guide you through fascinating wild and still mountain nature of switzerland supporting you in re-connecting intimately with nature and with the deeper layers of your self. In this way, we create a unique space for you to experience the pristine beauty outside, as you move step by step to discover your essential values, qualities and meanings in life.

ausblick zu sonnenaufgang vom gokyo ri auf das everest panorama

individual himalayan journeys

are you ready to fulfil your himalayan dream?

let us create a once-in-a-lifetime journey for you, tailored to your very individual needs, wishes and possibilities. starting with design and planing, up until the actual day-to-day nature experience on the tour. I am there to guide and support you, founded on my +40 years of experience of exploring himalayan spaces and my deep connection to its nature, culture and people.

Muschel auf Lomi Lomi Massage Tisch

re.connect | lomi lomi massage

homecoming within | in aeschlen CH

enjoy a timeless moment out of space, an experience of deep relaxation re.connecting you to innermost levels of yourself. this holistic form of body work strengthens you in your personal development, helps you effectively deal with challenging periods in life, or simply provides a nourishing time-out from your busy everyday.

experience authentic nepal and its rich natural & cultural heritage

There are no coincidences on this journey. The authentic experiences, the glimpses on the road, the timing it takes to enable a completely unexpected encounter in the midst of the chaos of this vibrant city.

accepted as executive contributor at brainz magazine

I am proud to have been accepted as an Executive Contributor for Brainz Magazine, an influential global digital publication covering Business, Lifestyle, Mindset, Sustainability, and Leadership topics. Read my interview here!

timeout in mountain nature

a miracle of nature. yet undisturbed by human hand. we reached this place, totally unexpected: a clear, still, magical mountain lake high up at the foot of a receding glacier.

flower energy

Have you ever stopped to take a moment and fully take in the energy of a flower in the field next to your path? So much kindness smiling out at you!

wollen wir das wirklich

Über den Wert unverbauter alpiner Landschaften im Zeitalter der CO2-neutralen Energiewende.

why with me

For many years, I have enjoyed solo mountain retreats in the Alps and the Himalayas, drawing peace, strength, clarity – and the courage to take the most relevant decisions in my life. Today, I enjoy sharing this passion to encourage you to take those relevant decisions for your life.

leaving no trace

In immer grösseren Massen zieht es die Menschen in die Natur, die Berge, zum Wasser. Das macht mir Sorge, beschäftigt mich sehr. Nicht die Tatsache an sich, dass es Menschen in die Natur zieht. Nein – Sorge macht mir die Art und Weise.

die natur geniessen & ihr dennoch nicht schaden

Die schönsten Naturräume in der Schweiz sind Naturschutzgebiete – eine verdiente Auszeichnung und bedeutsamer Schutz der Natur. Doch dann treffe ich darin auf Viehherden, Stauseen, Heliflüge und das Militar. Nur bivakieren darf ich hier nicht.

wenn du den ruf vernimmst, folge ihm

Ist es in Anbetracht des Klimawandels ökologisch noch vertretbar, in den Himalaya zu reisen? Eine berechtigte Frage. Sie beschäftigt mich ebenfalls sehr. Aus einer übergeordneten Perspektive sage ich: Ja.

eiger, mönch & jungfrau

Erfüllte, eigenverantwortliche Menschen ist es, was unsere Welt am dringendsten braucht: Wache, bewusste Individuen, mit sich selber und ihrer Mitwelt verbunden und wirkungsvoll darin unterwegs, ihren Lebenssinn zu erfüllen. Deshalb, wenn es Dich ruft, antworte.