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I am delighted and honored to be featured in the title story of the new ECCO journal.

today, the mountains are again covered in snow, as they had been on that windy afternoon of the shooting back in february. for two days, the creative team of ECCO had installed themselves in my quaint little flat overlooking the lake and its mountains. it was a special experience to feature as protagonist – “ECCO insider” – for this journal which would eventually tell my life story in this careful way.

“…from the outside, everything seemed to be going according to plan, but on the inside, monika was starting to realise the plan wasn’t for her…. so she took to the himalayas for a month-long journey in search of clarity and the courage to take action. monika found both.”

“monika found a purpose that resonated with her entire being and now does exactly what she is meant to be doing: reconnecting with her roots while embracing the transitory state of never quite having arrived as an integral part of the journey that is her life.”

hilterfingen schwalmere

for over half a decade, ECCO has stood for holistic, traditional, innovative shoemaking. shoes are perhaps our most necessary piece of clothing.

“they’re our vehicles, where we stand and walk”. “our feet are our main point of contact with the earth. you feel the earth when you walk. this sensation runs through the cells of your whole system from the ground up”.